The History of Regnes

The 3rd Age of Regnes

The Origin of Species

Upon the End of the 2nd Age, and the Fall of the Legendary Electrum Empire, Regnes was in Chaos. As The Last Electrum died, from his light, The First Dragon was born. Belynda, The Bright Dragon, became the sole inhabitant of Regnes. Using her immense power, She created the Three Dragons, Adalynda, The Noble Dragon, Livyathan, The Twisted Dragon, and Pythos, The Rotting Dragon.
Pythos was full of deceit and ambition, recruiting Livyathan to his aid in Toppling Belynda from power. Knowing of her brothers’ goals, Adalynda informed Belynda of the impending coup. Belynda, still weak from creating the others, created the Elves from the light to assist her and keep her safe. Belynda then hid herself from the other dragons, only a select few elves knowing where to find her. Pythos, now enraged by Belynda’s creation of Elves, created Orcs and Goblins from the Rot to hunt her. Livyathan, now disillusioned by Pythos’s rage, created the Dwarves in secret to help the Elves resist Pythos and His Creations. Adalynda created the Halflings to keep balance in the world and provide a neutral species. The Three Dragons continued to search for their Great Mother, Pythos for Power, Livyathan for Forgiveness, and Adalynda for Guidance.

The Dragon Wars

One Hundred Generations of Elves had pasted before Belynda awoke. As She confronted each of her children, Adalynda pledged her loyalty, Livyathan begged for forgiveness, and Pythos declared war. And thus the Dragon Wars began. Pythos had, in secret, created the Chromatic Dragons as allies. The war was brutal and grueling, The Elves Magic and the Dwarves Ingenuity matched the Dragons Ferocity and Brutality. Livyathan and Adalynda lent their Magic to Belynda, and with it she created the Metallic Dragons. Still enraged and ambitious, Pythos struck his weakened siblings down, adding to his power in the process. But the Metallic dragons had tipped the scales in the war. Pythos fell in battle, and still refused to submit, splitting his essence into the Chromatic Dragons of Regnes. Some of his essence was absorbed by dragons already dead, and the Evil of it leaked into the world. Belynda, grieving the loss of her children, split her essence to create Good in the world, but even she could not uproot the Evil lain by Pythos. And so, Belynda hid herself away, granting her most trusted elf immortality and the location of her resting place.


Humans origins are a curiosity within Regnes. They appeared one day, formed from the Good of a Metallic Dragon meeting with the Evil of a Chromatic Dragon. They swarmed Regnes, quickly becoming the dominate species. The Elves and Dwarves could not figure the humans out, they displayed all degrees of Good and Evil, Order and Chaos. Humans formed governments larger than any the Elves, Dwarves and Halflings had ever fathomed.

The Kingdoms of Our Time

Following the rise of large governments, Humans began to pledge loyalty to each other, combining their governments into Massive nations. Worried for their freedom, Dwarves and Elves began to form Kingdoms of their own. but soon unrest settled in, and a few Kingdoms became Republics. Others restricted freedoms, becoming Tyrannical. Some kingdoms fell, permitting Chieftains to become Warlords. The Orcs and Goblins never organized enough to create these great monuments to sentience. Our heros now arrive at this time, The Kingdoms and Nations of Regnes are still in Flux, and the time is ripe for those of strong will to rise to power.

The History of Regnes

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