Wood elf paladin, swashbuckler specialty, knight background


Level 1
Bless, Command, Create Water, Cure Wounds, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Divine Power, Purify Food/Drink, Sheild of Faith


Cagowolf was never meant to be a knight. His true parents were the poorest of peasants. Knowing they could not care for him, they left him on the stoop of a noble’s estate. The count’s wife took pity on little Cagowolf, and the family took him in as their own. Cagowolf, as he grew, did not like his boring life as a knight; although he was among the highest ranked in the army, he rarely saw action, because of the smallness an insignificance of his country. Cagowolf had nothing tying him to the land, no lover, no real family, and very few true friends. So, on his 104th birthday, Cagowolf left seeking adventure. He eventually found this excitement he was looking for in becoming comrades and friends with an elven warlord.


How Kingdoms Rise Cagowolf