Welcome to a World of Love and Hate, Wealth and Poverty, Trust and Betrayal.

Welcome To Regnes

A World in constant flux of power, the timing is always ripe for new powers to rise, and old dynasties to fall. From Criminals to Kings, Mercenaries to Warlords, the possibilities are infinite for adventure.

A New Chapter has just begun, How will the cards of fate stack with our Adventurers? That is a tale yet unwritten, but it is one the Tapestry of Time shall long remember.

Some Quick Rules
1. Role Playing is a must, no metagaming.
2. Breaking the game is allowed WITHIN REASON.
3. If you want to ask something about the game please save it for when we are not playing.
4. Update the obsidian portal as much as you want.
5. If you do not know how a certain mechanic or basic game play works ask someone else in the group about it (Hotchy).
6. The DM can make any rule changes he wants. (MUHAHAHAHAHA)
7. Keep all hands and legs inside the adventure at all time, It could be a bumpy ride

How Kingdoms Rise

Hotchmoney Cagowolf